Frequently Asked Questions




What is your education and experience?

I  originally studied editing, along with architecture, at Washington State University. Then, last year,  went back and got a Certificate of Editing to make sure my skills were  up-to-date.

What previous projects have you worked on?

I  have worked on novels, video games, children's books, player's guides,  online manuals, and TV scripts. I can provide a partial list of these  projects on request. 



How do you charge?
I start out by charging by the page which results in giving the client an exact price that I can do the project for.

What do you mean by a "page"?
The industry standard for a page of text is 250 words.

What if I can't afford all the editing all at once?
I just charge about 25% up front. The rest isn't due until completion and can be spaced out, if needed.

Payment options.

I accept PayPal or a check.



What format do you want the manuscript in?

Preferably in a Word document.

How long will the editing take to complete?

For a copyedit of a full-length manuscript, it will take 2-4 weeks.

Will the manuscript be error-free?

This is virtually impossible, but I will get it as close as I can.

Will the manuscript be shared with anyone?

I will not share your manuscript with anyone without the author's permission.

Do you make a style sheet? Do I get a copy?

I usually do. This can be provided to the author upon request, as long as they ask for it beforehand.

What is a style sheet?

It  includes key words and phrases to help with spelling, hyphenation, etc.  It may also include details about the characters or plot.